Direct Services Client Acknowledgements

"This program helps a lot.  I have help with my husband so I can work and with meals, it helps, with me not having to worry and cook for him.  Aides are here and they help while I am at work.  I don’t know if I could make it without your help."

-Quote by spouse/care giver

"Having CCSP, I can stay at home and not worry about cleaning and cooking and won’t have to go to the old folk home right now.  The aide cooks and cleans and helps me get a bath.  I’ve been able to live a good life by having these services.  I don’t have the money all the time to buy groceries and my food stamps have been cut back but because of this program, I have food coming to my house and I don’t have to make it.  My care coordinator is nice and helps me get more help when I need it.

CCSP gives me and my family peace in knowing all is well.  They provide the best care by ensuring their providers are the best.  My loved ones can work without worry.  It promotes my independence because I know that someone is always available to assist with anything I need.  The services have provided someone to assist with cooking, cleaning, bathing and good conversation.  The aides genuinely care.  I am not as hesitant to do things because I know someone is here to assist.  The program helps offset the grocery bill by receiving meal of wheels.  It also helps with paying others to come in to sit with me.  Also, my loved ones do not have to take time off work anymore.  From the initial home interview to the continuous follow up with my case manager, their actions, care and concerns were as though they were tending to their own family member.  The connection and transition was great.  I am very pleased with my care coordinator.  She is very knowledgeable and helpful."

-Quote by granddaughter/care giver

"CCSP helps me keep my mom at home so she doesn’t have to go to a nursing home.  When I have appointments, or just need a break, the aide services help me do those things.  The aide helps with bathing my mom, and she cleans and cooks for her.  She can take her to the doctor when I can’t.  I can do things I need to do, and when my family isn’t available, I know that my mom in in good hands with her aide.  The meals help so I don’t have to buy as many groceries.  My aide services help so I don’t have to hire people to set with my mom.  My case manager does a good job.  She is very helpful, and I enjoy her visits."

-Quote by son/care giver


"My meal driver is well mannered and courteous and a very delightful person and I like him very much and keep him coming to see me"  -Quote by Home Delivered Meal Client

"Today's hot meal was excellent!!!, baked fish filet, baked mac and cheese, steamed vegetables, roll and watermelon." - Quote by Home Delivered Meal Client

"The meals are good balanced meals.  I thank the Lord for the one that delivers them, the one that prepared the meal and the one that pays for them.  Please tell them how grateful I am for every kindness."  Quote by Home Delivered Meal Client

"I really do like the food that I get.  The lady that delivers the meals is outstanding.  She makes me smile every day.  Thank you  for the help on my food.  I get a least one good meal a day! Thanks."  - Quote by Home Delivered Meal Client

"Meals are delicious and healthy! The drivers/staff are always friendly and on time.  Great service to have on a daily basis." - Quote Home Delivered Meal Client

"I give Thanks to God and the workers and staff for all their good and hard work, my delivery person is always nice and I get a daily smile." - Quote Home Delivered Meal Client

"A woman in Florida told me she moved to Columbus from Florida because the people in Columbus were so giving.  That's exactly right because Meals-on-Wheels visits me every day.  I thank the Meals on Wheels for being so giving." - Quote Home Delivered Meal Client


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