Homemaker Service:

The target group for these services are persons who are functionally impaired in their ability to perform regular activities of daily living and activities related to maintaining the home.

The services are planned and provided with input from the client, based on the assessment of the client’s needs, functional impairment, and remaining capacity for self-care and self-sufficiency.

 An added benefit is the reduction in isolation and an increase in the sense of wellbeing through social contact with the homemaker aide staff.

Housekeeping Services Available

  • Cleaning:  vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, bathroom fixtures and dusting
  • Laundry: washing, folding, storing clothing and linens
  • Ironing and mending clothes
  • Washing, drying, and storing dishes and utensils (Loading dishwasher?)
  • Bagging and placing garbage in collection containers
  • Making beds and changing linens (only while client is out of bed)
  • Shopping for household essentials
  • Assisting clients with economical purchasing consistent with their budgets
  • Performing necessary reading and writing tasks if requested by client
  • Performing essential errands (obtaining food stamps, picking up prescriptions, posting mail)

What are the steps to receiving your services?

  • Contact a River Valley AAA Gateway  Specialist at 706-256-2900 or        1-800-615-4379 for a phone assessment to determine your eligibility for service. 
  • When a space becomes available you will be referred to Direct Services to schedule an initial assessment at your home.
  • Service will begin within 5 business days of the initial home visit

Are services available without going on a waiting list?

  • Yes, a two hour homemaker service is available for $35.00
    • (Each additional hour is $15.00)
  • For more information  (706) 327-5208 or info@directservices.org

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